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Advanced Charger Series Offers Cutting-Edge Technology to Commercial and Industrial Markets

Portsmouth, N.H. – On Board Solutions, a privately held charging systems Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and sister-corporation to the marine industry’s leading charging system manufacturer — ProMariner, announced today a new line of multi-stage commercial and industrial grade battery chargers, the ProTech-C Series. Designed for integration into commercial and outdoor products such as scissor lifts, cleaning machines, mobility vehicles and golf carts just to name a few, the ProTech-C Series battery chargers are built to withstand the abuse and punishment common to these demanding applications, while efficiently delivering power charging and conditioning to OEM battery sources. The ProTech-C Series is compatible with all major battery types – Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Gel and Lead Acid, and is designed for use in 24- and 36-Volt DC applications. With flexible charging capabilities, wide power capacities and rugged construction, the ProTech-C Series battery chargers are the ideal choice for OEMs who want the best performance for their products.

ProTech-C Series battery chargers use high-frequency, solid-state technology, powerful charging and conditioning algorithms and innovative design methods to maximize installation flexibility and deliver superior charging performance. Available in five models to suit different charging requirements, each rugged, high frequency charger, is housed in a protective, compact extruded aluminum casing and has global AC inputs for worldwide use. On Board Solutions’ ProTech-C chargers are easy to integrate, and radically simplify OEM inventory and design considerations by using connectors on the input/output, and allowing the same unit to switch between portable and onboard applications. On Board Solutions studies each battery manufacturer’s specific charge requirements and ensures OEM customers’ ongoing satisfaction by continually improving charging methods under various scenarios.

“ProTech-C battery chargers are an innovative new wave of products reflective of commercial and industrial customer input,” said Michael Chames, director of new business development, On Board Solutions. “Rising metal prices, outdated performance criteria and shear weight make older ferro-resonant chargers undesirable. Our ProTech-C Series combines a compact, lightweight, solid-state design, and advanced charging and conditioning algorithms into a package that is certified for worldwide use. It is the most competitive, customer-driven solution of its kind on the market today and a natural extension of our existing product line.”

On Board Solutions ProTech-C battery chargers are rugged, reliable, easy to use and offer cutting-edge technology, all while meeting stringent safety and environmental requirements. With a smart, compact construction, the chargers are both smaller and more efficient than comparable ferro-resonant chargers. A 3-stage charger, the ProTech-C system uses advanced charging algorithms to fully charge batteries while conditioning them, and uses a built-in selectable absorption timer switch, thus greatly extending battery life. For critical protection, the chargers also contain a safety interlock feature that can be configured for open and closed operation. A global AC input with IEC connection allows for worldwide application, and uses a simple plug-and-play cable for charger input and output.

The heavy-duty industrial grade series of battery chargers has fully automatic multi-stage charging to deliver fast charge times, as well as conditioning and built-in float/maintenance mode for safe storage. Designed for 24- and 36-Volt systems, the chargers boast an auto-ranging global AC input of 95VAC to 250VAC, 50/60Hz, with a lockable AC input connector option for universal applications. Each charger houses an LED status center providing at-a-glance updates on battery type, charge mode, fault condition and AC power status, and offers external access to three selectable battery charge profiles with conditioning times of 2 to 6 hours. Requiring minimal installation time, the ProTech-C has a smart utility design for quick disconnection and comes with an optional conversion kit for portability in seconds. All ProTech-C models feature an interlock inhibit and built-in safety for over voltage, over temperature, over current and reverse polarity. ProTech-C chargers are certified to UL 1564 standards, CE and FCC approved and include a 2-year limited warranty.

Pricing and Availability:
ProTech-C Series multi-stage battery chargers are competitively priced and available for purchase in the U.S. and Canada direct from On Board Solutions or through its extensive distributor network. For more information on the ProTech-C Series battery chargers, the location of authorized distributors, pricing, or to learn more about On Board Solutions and its entire product line, please contact
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About On Board Solutions:
Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, On Board Solutions, LLC is the sister division to Professional Mariner, LLC, a recognized marine industry leader in the design and manufacture of advanced electronic charging systems for over 30 years. On Board Solutions was established to focus on the specific needs of the commercial and industrial markets. Employing the same stringent guidelines and customer satisfaction philosophies that have established ProMariner battery chargers as the marine industry’s best-of-breed, On Board Solutions integrates proven charging methods, and manufactures products to meet ISO and ROHS standards.

On Board Solutions, a ProMariner Company, is an innovative manufacturer of on board and portable battery chargers, battery isolators, power inverters, and DC to DC power conversion power products as well as accessory products targeting commercial and industrial applications. On Board Solutions products are used extensively in applications ranging from golf carts, wheelchairs, motive power, mobility and automotive applications, scissor lifts and a wide array of other related global product applications.

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