Q. How should the battery charger be wired to my batteries? What is the best way?

A. It depends on the type of battery charger you have. Below are some examples of different possibilities. If you think you have a unique situation, please call our technical support group for assistance.

Q. What does the term “battery bank” mean on my waterproof battery charger?

A. What we call a bank, you might think of as an output from the battery charger. For example, a two bank battery charger has two isolated outputs so that each output can connect to each battery in the system. A ProSport-12 has two outputs, one to each 12V battery system (for a total of 24VDC). Likewise, the ProTech-C comes in a single 24VDC or single 36VDC output depending on your desired application. The ProTech-C is meant to wire to batteries that are already connected in series together. A battery bank is essentially a single battery connection point. It is represented by each individual charger output lead going to each individual battery.


Q. Based upon the 20 Hour (Amp/Hour) rating of my system, how big a charger do I need?

A. The more current the charger supplies, the faster the batteries will charge but this can be affected by many different variables. If you aren’t sure what kind of charger to use based upon the application, please call us as we can help you to figure it out. Generally we recommend you take 10% of the 20A/H rating and use this as the recommended current. For example, if your system utilizes a 200A/H overall rating, we would generally recommend a 20 Amp charger rated at the system voltage.


Q. How often do you need to recharge the batteries?

A. Charge them whenever you get a chance. It isn’t necessary to run the batteries all the way down prior to charging…in fact, it isn’t generally recommended as this contributes to the accelerated duty cycle recognition within the batteries themselves. Using our chargers, it is generally best to charge the batteries at the first opportunity regardless of how little the batteries may have been discharged.


Q. What type of batteries - flooded, lead/acid, GEL, AGM – is my charger compatible with?

A. Most of our chargers are field adjustable to meet battery specs. The output charger profiles are based upon the battery manufacturers requirements allowing the charger to provide a very specific, tailored charge for your application.

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