Q. How do I know which inverter I need?

A. Add up all the wattage from all of your accessories that you will be operating to determine the proper size inverter. Take the total load calculation and multiply it by 2. That is the recommended size of the inverter.


Q. How do I wire up the inverter?

A. There are positive and negative battery connections on one end of the inverter and A/C outlets on the other end (depending on model).


Q. Where can I mount the inverter?

A. Always mount the inverter in an environment which is:

  1. Well ventilated
  2. Not exposed to direct sunlight or heat source
  3. Out of reach from children
  4. Away from water, moisture, oil or grease
  5. Away from any flammable substance

Q. My inverter doesn't seem to be working?

A. There are several reasons why the inverter may not be working.

  • Poor Contact
    • Clean contact parts thoroughly.
  • Outlet Receptacle has no power
    • Check blade fuse inside---replace if necessary with equivalent size.
    • Check receptacle wiring.
  • Overload caused AC outlet to reduce power
    • Reduce the wattage of your load (below the wattage of the inverter).
  • DC plug fuse is blown
    • Replace the fuse inside the DC plug with equivalent size fuse.
  • Thermal caused AC outlet to reduce power
    • Under heavy loads for extended periods of time the inverter will reduce output to prevent damage from excess heat. If this happens proceed as follows:
      1. Switch off the power switch of the inverter.
      2. Decrease load of the inverter; i.e. disconnect some of the appliances or wait until the inverter cools down.
      3. Switch on the power switch of the inverter.
  • Low battery shutdown
    • Recharge your batteries and resume operation.


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